I am now exhibiting at two galleries, as well as my workshop at Studio Freer:

Art 77 at the Neon Sanctum, Warwick Lane, Worthing
Freud, Family and Friends at Worthing Museum and Gallery - Sept 2016 - August 2017

For full details please visit my facebook page:

SCULPTURAL LIGHTS ...and other delights


  • 30cm copper sphere
  • 36 high-intensity LED's
  • Magic chain of delight
  • stunning light effect
  • battery or mains powered
  • driftwood base
Three more MINE lamps below, just click to enlarge...

Stickball IV

  • 70cm sphere
  • made from many driftwood sticks
  • washed up on Worthing Beach
  • stunning light effect
  • ideal for large rooms
  • with high ceilings
  • beautiful, unique and utterly gorgeous
  • like you

Available to buy now.


Gordon's Dead
  • 5'6"
  • lightly oiled
  • silky smooth
  • remote control
  • many different colours
  • hardwood and polycarbonate
  • manual and automatic colours
  • born out of tragedy and loss
  • like proper art should be
  • four foot high
  • remote control
  • many colours, inc. purple
  • manual and automatic colours
  • portable with on-board battery
  • hardwood and polycarbonate
  • silky smooth touch-me finish
  • gently oiled, of course
Jim's Egg
  • concept by James Croft
  • bespoke commissioned piece
  • aviation ply and bulletproof glass
  • portable, so you can take it outside
  • manual and automatic colour change
  • remote control with vibrant colours
  • warm soft-touch finish
  • toddler-proof


  • bespoke private commission
  • organic and sustainable hardwood
  • low energy, low maintenance
  • hidden remote control unit
  • over 4 bazillion hyperbolic colours
  • hand finished with an ocelot glove
  • lightly spanked for nine hours


Touch Me, I'll Blush
  • 4 x 256 touch sensitive colours
  • capacitive panel control
  • hardwood with latex skin
  • polished with kitten fur and orphan's tears
  • with a finest beeswax finish
The Laser Arch
  • experimental laser-guided midi synthesizer
  • hardwood and strange electronic stuff
  • 12  lasers!
  • bluetooth Ableton connectivity for dj fun
  • portable, wireless, amplified, interactive
This might be the most boring video on the internet.
It shows off the capabilities of the Laser Arch, rather than the video producer.

Tall and Strong
  • softly rounded at the edges
  • characterful and full of colour
  • impossible to lose or break
  • can be moved to various cities
  • mature and well-oiled
  • built with Cornish grit
    Curvy Herby Light of Delight
    • very smooth and quite touchy-feely
    • made entirely from unknown substances
    • that don't show up on radar
    • no-one knows where it went
    • or what it did when it got there
    • but it's very friendly
    • and won't hurt you
    • (that might not be true)


    • commissioned wedding present
    • handmade to order
    • made from enameled hardwood
    • finished in immaculate vestal white
    • remote controlled
    • lots of gentle pretty colours
    • scientifically proven* to increase fertility


    *sample survey size 1

    6th September 2016

    The lovely Darren West (Neon Artist) at 77 ART in Worthing has very kindly offered to show one of my lights in his gallery.

    Showing alongside
    And  others

    So get on down to this hugely cool Gallery on Warwick Lane.
    Or be SQUARE

    9th November 2015

    The latest pair of FREER lights, Gordon's Dead and Phallusy have moved inside, currently passing their safety tests with flying colours. They both receive a final light coating of oil and are now ready to find love...

    6th November 2014

    Found the supplier of the International World Snooker Championships to supply baize for the bottom of my sculptures. Immediately ordered some.

    Apparently it's good enough for Jimmy White and you can't sniff at that.

    4th November 2014

    Just received some well needed and very exciting news about a top secret venue for an exhibition next year... can't reveal yet, or what I have to do to secure it. Everyone will have to wait and sea [sic].
    25th October 2015

    Two new lights coming up. Totally inspired by recent shenanigans.
    Be bad, not sad *sigh*.

    22nd October 2015

    The Analume light is heading off to it's new home near London. I'll be sad to see it go, it's been in the workshop for six months looking glamourous.

    18th September 2015

    Concrete lampshades are harder to make than they look in the YouTube video. Fact.
    Here they are, finished and installed in a kitchen in Belfast.
    Where there's a will.

    14th August 2014

    Larry the Giant Seagull has found his way to a very special nesting place, where he can now look over the whole of Worthing. Many thanks to Phil D. and the lovely CREATIVE WAVES for organising Larry's retirement.

    Watch the YouTube clip of the making of Larry HERE

    Favourite moment of the day when this child unselfconsciously climbed onto Larry to eat her ice-cream. Why the hell not?!

    18th May 2013

    Delivery made of a very special gift; a fortieth birthday present for an old friend.

    New York Wept was inspired by the happy and sad times spent in New York by a young couple around the time of 9/11.

    The thin paint mix I concocted flowed freely downwards as I painted, like tears.

    The buildings picked out in red are hugely but only significant to the client.

    Click the pic to expand:
    34th September 1980

    8 years old, first terrifying week at boarding school. Art teacher asked the class to sculpt a self-portrait in clay of how we thought we might look aged 40.

    Mrs Viney, RIP.  I thank you.
    18th April 1847

    "The world was once a fluid haze of light, til toward the centre set the starry tides, and eddied into suns that wheeling cast the planets."  Alfred Lord Tennyson

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